Our Curriculum

Learning is a change to long-term memory. To this end, our aim is to ensure that our children experience a wide breadth of study and will have committed to their long-term memory an ambitious body of procedural and semantic knowledge (knowledge and skills).

Curriculum Intent
Curriculum drivers shape our curriculum breadth. They are derived from an exploration of the backgrounds of our children, our beliefs about high quality education and our values. Cultural capital gives our children the vital background knowledge required to be informed and thoughtful members of our community who understand and believe in British Values.

Threshold Concepts
Threshold concept is the key understanding without which the learner cannot progress – a portal.

These are the goals that the children should reach to show that they are meeting the expectations of our curriculum.

We assess the outcomes for computing through our POP tasks which are built into our planning to help us assess how well and how deeply pupils know and understand what we have taught and what the children have learnt.

EYFS Mission Statement

At Norton Hill Primary School, we strive for children to be happy, confident and resilient individuals with an enthusiastic love for learning. We provide a holistic, safe and secure environment, both indoors and outdoors. This allows children to flourish in all aspects of their development, whilst exploring their individual interests. We believe that children should be provided with rich resources so they can learn through their play. Ultimately, learning should be fun, stimulating and engaging for the children whilst providing suitable challenges. We value the importance of Forest School and our Outdoor Learning Environment. This approach enables children to become confident, develop resilience and problem solving skills. It fosters curiosity around the world, team building and risk taking skills. Our EYFS curriculum secures the foundations for our pupils to settle into school, we are committed to providing the best possible introduction to school life, encompassing teaching children skills and sharing experiences which will ensure their positive well-being and success in the future.


EYFS Phonics and Writing Progression MAP