Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are we notified about schools closures?
A: In the event that the school is closed or has restricted opening then we will communicate this to you via SchoolPing as soon as a decision is made.

Q: How do I contact the school nurse?
A: Follow the link below.

Q: How do I apply for free school meals?
A: Follow the link below 

Q: What do I do if my child is going to be late for school?
A: Please contact the school office.

Q: What are the school hours?
A: 8.45am - 3.15pm

Q: What do I do if my child is unwell?
A: Telephone school on the day of the absence before 9am and inform our team of your child's absence. A message can be left on the answer machine, please state your child's name, class and reason for absence.

Q: Can I take my child on holiday during term time?
A: The short answer is no. Attending school is a compulsory obligation that parents must adhere to and therefore you should avoid taking your child out of school. If you wish to have a special case considered then you are required to complete a request for leave of absence form which can be requested from the school office. The school has a policy around attendance where full details of the requirements and penalties can be found.

Q: What should I put in my child's packed lunch? 
A: We encourage children to bring a healthy lunch to school which could include items such as fruit, vegetables, pasta or rice salads, yoghurts. We ask that children do not bring nuts to school as some children in school have allergies.

Q: Can I bring sweets in for my child's birthday?
A: We are a healthy school and we ask that children do not bring cakes, sweets or treats into school.

Q: What do I do if my child is prescribed medicine?
A: If your child needs to have medication at school you must complete a form at the school office. We ask that medication at school is kept to a minimum and if antibiotics are prescribed for less than four times a day we suggest this can be organised out of school time. All medication held on school premises is kept locked and secure.

Q: How do I make an appointment with a teacher?
A: Please speak to the school office to arrange this.

Q: What do I do if my child doesn't speak any English?
A: At Norton Hill Primary, we welcome all children regardless of their nationality. We have several children who have joined our school unable to speak English. We have several members of staff who are trained in supporting children who are new to the UK.

Q: What do I do if I am going to be late to collect my child?
A: There are times when parents are late collecting their child from school, if this is going to happen we ask that school is informed and the expected delay is given. If a child is not collected and no reason is given they will go to our afterschool club and be charged in accordance with their charging policy.

Q: Can my child wear jewellery in school?
A: We ask that pupils do not wear jewellery in school. Small stud earrings can be worn but these must be removed by pupils on PE days. If your child can not remove their own earrings we ask that they do not wear them. Schools are busy places and we find that jewellery can cause unnecessary accidents!