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We are delighted now to be at the stage of planning for the opening of the new Norton Hill Primary School. The school has been approved by the Department for Education and we have outline planning permission to build the school on land very close to Norton Hill Secondary School in Midsomer Norton.

Why is there a new school?

This is because there is so much house building in the local area. This brings in new families and new children leading to a lack of space in the existing local schools. Over 2000 new houses are being built and the Local Authority estimates that this will mean an extra 60 or so pupils in each year group by 2020.


Who is running the school?

The Norton Hill Primary School has been proposed by the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership (MNSP). This is made up of eighteen schools including Norton Hill Secondary School, Welton, Westfield , High Littleton, Midsomer Norton Primary and Longvernal. The new primary school will join this group of schools and provide a high standard of education for all pupils.


Who can join the school?

The school will be for local families and children, just like any other primary school in the local area. To begin with, we will have 30 places available in Reception for our first year group of pupils. When they move into Year 1, a further 60 will be able to join in Reception. In time, there will be 3 Reception classes, until the school is full from Reception to Year 6.

If your child is born between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016, you can apply for a place for September 2020.

How can I apply for a place?

The opening date for the school will be September 2020 and you will be able to put your child's name down and apply for a place in the autumn of this year. You will be able to apply for a place at Norton Hill Primary in the same way that you would for any other local primary school. You will be able to apply online or using your council’s application form.

How can I find out more?

First of all, we will update this website regularly with the latest news and updates about the progress of our plans. We will also put together a regular newsletter about the school and invite prospective parents in to find out more and tell us your views. If you would like to be more closely involved please let us know by clicking on the “Contact” link below and leaving your phone number and email address.

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